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Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy Guidelines for You


Pelintezer has its own privacy policy, which is applicable to you as a user when you are entering our website and using our services. We have created some privacy statements and guidelines for your suitability:


Third Party Advertising

Usually, we DONT allow third parties to display their advertisements in our website in order to present their products and services for your interest but if we do. They simply display their advertisements in our website but are unable to obtain any information of yours i.e. the name, address or email unless you exit our website. If you would like to know how we protect your privacy from them, click this link


Third Party Cookies


When you are viewing the third party advertisements in our website and click their links, the domain automatically recognizes your browser and places a cookie to identify and track the number of visits in their website. However, if you are not interested you can block or allow these cookies as you like from the options of your browser. How you want to respond to a cookie request can be controlled from your browser easily.


Personal Information


Our website does not collection any personal information of yours that will be used without your permission. We strictly respect your privacy and will always inform you about the information we collect if we use it for further purposes. To know how we use your information, contact us.


External Links


Our website also includes external links from other websites, but unless you visit them by completely by exiting our website, we try to protect your privacy till the last minute. We are not responsible for your actions outside our website


Contacting the Web Site


If you have any queries or issues regarding our website or services, you can leave a feedback or contact us through email, phone or our customer service.

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