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My name is Darrell Pelintezer and I am a marketing major at USC. I started Pelintezer to give tips on marketing and business related topics.

The common misconception regarding marketing is that it is only a combination of product advertisement, product retail and product sale. But the fact it is it extends beyond all these. It is subject to frequent changes which are not only technical but also knowledge related. Economically speaking marketing is a societal process which anticipates as well as enlarges the demand structure of goods and services such that it can satisfy the demand by means of promotion, exchange as well as distribution of goods. The process starts with collecting information followed by the guiding new product’s design in addition to redesigning of already existing products. Physical distribution demands attention to aspects pertaining speed, storage, cost, handling with care and proper assortments. Another thing that cannot be ignored at all is supervision on the part of marketing management.

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